About Me

Hi there.

My name is Kaitlin and I started writing this blog as a way to challenge myself to become a better cook (or, more appropriately, a cook at all).  I first caught the cooking bug my Junior year of college as I watched my roommate at the time prepare delicious meals while I ate mediocre take-out from local shops.  As I left college, entered the real world, and moved out on my own, I realized that cooking would be a necessity.  Knowing I’d be more likely to stick with it and not settle into cooking a small repertoire of meals if  I had an “audience,” I started this blog in November 2010 to keep me motivated.

This blog is for those that think they can’t cook, that cooking takes too long, or that recipes can’t be used if the exact ingredients aren’t available. I hope that my culinary excursion helps others realize that cooking, and cooking well, aren’t that tough to do.

Note: I usually use recipes I find in magazines and online; I am by no means skilled enough to look at a few ingredients in my kitchen and whip up a fantastic meal.  When using these other recipes, a link to the original recipe can be found within the post. Any changes I make will be noted within the post as well.

I hope you enjoy my journey, and please feel free to contact me with any feedback or questions!