Chewy Crispy Bars with Candy Corn and M&M’s

These crispy bars are a great use of leftover Halloween candy, or would be a really awesome treat to give out on Halloween! They are simple to make and can be cut into any size you please. This recipe is from Cooking Light’s October 2013 issue. I used dark chocolate M&M’s but you can use regular if you’d like. Ingredients: 2 tablespoons unsalted butter 10 ounce package marshmallows (I used mini marshmallows, you can use regular) 2/3 cup candy corn, plus more for decoration 1/2 cup dark chocolate M&M’s , plus more for decoration 6 cups rice cereal Cooking spray or parchment paper

Chocolate Bark

Bark is one of my favorite holiday treats to make. Why? Because it is so darn simple. And people LOVE it. It is basically melted chocolate with some other deliciousness thrown in. Candy, pretzels, nuts.. whatever makes you happy. I wanted to make some bark to supplement my cookies this year and found this fantastic recipe from Baked Bree. Bree included some Rice Krispies cereal in between the layers to add a little bit of extra crunch to the bark, brilliant! The red and green M&Ms and candy canes make this the perfect holiday treat.   Ingredients (adapted from 16 oz package dark chocolate chips 16 oz package white chocolate chips 1 cup Rice Krispies 4 candy canes 1 bag red and green M&Ms Note: this will make one cookie sheet worth of bark. I suggest making 2-3 sheets so you have plenty to share!

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