Spicy Flank Steak Tacos with Watermelon Salsa

When I first spotted this recipe in the August issue of Cooking Light, I knew I wanted to make it. I have never used watermelon in a savory recipe before and it sounded like a perfect summer dinner! This recipe comes together in no time (and is really simple to make), making it a great weeknight meal option.     The rub on the steak is only four ingredients: salt, black pepper, white pepper, and red (cayenne) pepper. If you don’t have white pepper you can just substitute in more black pepper. But each pepper does bring it’s own taste to the rub.   Black and white pepper comes from the same pepper plant but white peppercorns have the outer layer removed, leaving the seed inside. White pepper has a more subtle flavor than black pepper. Red pepper, or cayenne pepper, is ground from hot peppers so it has a nice level of heat to it. The three together add a nice spiciness to the steak without being overwhelming.     I altered this recipe a little bit but the general idea is there. If you’re interested in seeing the original version, check it out here.   Ingredients: 1/2 teaspoon … Continue reading

Slow Cooker Korean Beef Tacos #CampbellSauces

This post brought to you by Campbell’s Dinner Sauces. Weekend-worthy dinners with only weekday-level effort needed! Learn more at http://www.campbellsauces.com/ This year, my boyfriend and I are hosting a New Year’s Eve party. With a quite a few friends coming from out of town, I need a recipe that is simple to make but can feed a crowd. I also need something that doesn’t dirty up every pot and pan I own right before the party starts, which means I’m whipping out my trusty slow cooker! Campbell’s has made this process even easier for me with their new Slow Cooker Sauces. I actually mentioned in a previous post how I wanted to try the Sweet Korean BBQ sauce, so here’s my opportunity! I made a test batch this week to see how it tastes.   As a member of the DailyBuzz Brand Ambassador Program, I once again get to work with Campbell’s to try out another one of their delicious sounding sauces. The sauces are currently available in supermarkets, typically in the Gravy or Boxed Dinner Kit aisles. (To learn more about the sauces, check out their interactive Facebook app that gives more information about both the Skillet and the Slow Cooker Sauces.) Because … Continue reading

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